Vintage Picture frame

So the other day I found myself browsing around in this totally swanky department store…you know where their price tags make you sure all the sales people are looking at you thinking “Really?….” as they choke back a giggle. I couldn’t even buy a sock in there that’s CENTSIBLE let alone a pair of them!! Nevertheless, there I am browsing all casual, head high, shoulders back…sticker shock hidden carefully behind my poker face! (Don’t worry girls I’d never embarass you). Then it happened…I fell in love!! I found the most fabulous picture frame I had ever seen…at that moment I knew we were destined to be together. The hundreds of dollars listed on that tag could not keep us apart. I left the store in flurry to find the CENTSIBLE solution.

1. Find a frame you like ( I used a basic old wooden frame I found in a thrift store)

2. Paint your frame ( I only dry brushed mine with bronze because I like the vintage look, but you can use any color you like)

3. Find old costume jewelery ( I used pieces from both of my grandmothers, my mom and even some of mine from when I was younger)

4. Use industrial strength adhesive to adhere the bling to the frame! (I used E-6000) put a dab of glue on the back of jewlery and on the spot on the frame where you want it to stick. Wait two minutes to allow adhesive to get tacky, then place jewelery on the frame exactly where you dabbed glue. Hold pressure for two more minutes. Do one piece at a time. Once you are all finished allow it to cure for 72 hours, to be sure its on there nice and tight!

Creative Hints: Overlap pieces slightly, use chains to hang down, don’t be afraid of color or sparkle, let your personality shine through! I also cut up a strand a pearls and glued single pearls throughout each collage to help tie everything together!

If you theme this properly it could be a great gift for bridal shower, baby shower, graduation etc..

Well girls, as it turns out that day in the store what I experienced was just a crush .  My search left me with a frame that I truly love, a frame that’s covered with little pieces of the most important women in my life. A frame thats more beautiful and valuable than anything money can buy!


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