Hello world

We are just two girls like any girls you’d ever wanna meet. Girls just like you…we wanna know all the GOOD STUFF!! We want to have the best beauty products, eat the yummiest foods, wear the most fabulous clothes, and be surrounded by the coolest stuff! There’s just one little “situation” as we call it…we are just a bit low on the cash flow…unlike our Hollywood Idols no one is begging us to wear their latest design, endorse their skincare miracle, and i certainly dont see a celebrity chef in either of our kitchens! So whats a girl to do? Do we give up because of this “situation” and surrender to frumpville? NO! May it never be! Instead we must search for the CENTSIBLE solutions! We will blog about our search and share with you the secrets we uncover …afterall we are in this together right girls?? So grocery stores, craft stores and thrift stores beware…these chicks are about to get CENTSIBLE!!’